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Liver disease claims the lives of thousands of Americans each year, and disrupts the health of millions more.  The liver is threatened daily by constant  toxins, unhealthy diets, and infections.  There are many different kinds of liver disease, but all liver disorders come down to a few main causes.  Oxidative stress and inflammation that lead to liver cell damage and loss of function.  The liver is a workhorse for the body and labors tirelessly to rid the body of accumulated toxins. Mainstream medicine has virtually nothing to offer victims of liver disease, but an age old remedy, milk thistle extract provides new hope.  Milk thistle is a herbal supplement used to treat liver disease. Milk thistle extracts are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which also boost normal liver regenerative properties and fight specific toxins.  Make sure you get  standardized  milk thistle which has  active ingredients to provide all the supplements for the most therapeutic value.

Some people may get more forgetful with age.  It may take longer to learn new things, remember familiar names and words or even find your glasses!  
Not to worry, these are usually signs of mild forgetfulness maybe due to a hectic lifestyle, etc….

On the other hand, serious memory lapses affect your ability to do everyday activities like driving a car, grocery shopping, or even handling money.  So signs of serious memory problems may include:

Asking the same question over and over again.
Becoming lost in familiar places.
Being unable to follow directions.
Getting very confused about time, people, and places.
Not taking care of yourself (such as eating poorly, not bathing, or being unsafe).

Any of those signs need to be reported to your doctor immediately.  Fear Not! There are things you can do to help make your memory last!  Exercising, having a hobby, socializing with friends and family, and eating healthy foods all play an important role in keeping your mind sharp.

Nutrients like antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E work to clean up oxidative damage in brain cells.

Carbohydrates help to provide energy for the brain to function.

Foods such as grapes, blueberries, and dark chocolate contain epicatechins that improve brain blood flow.

Iron helps form neurotransmitters to carry messages in brain.

And last but not least, healthy fatty acids help to form membranes in the brain.

Here’s to your health!


Start supplementing your body with turmeric daily.  Turmeric is rich in curcumin, an antioxidant that helps you produce more mood boosting serotonin and dopamine in the brain and body. When levels are low it causes mood changes and depression. Try taking 1000 mg daily and you will feel perkier by week’s end!


The majority of us are lacking vitamin D now due to the dreary weather and the sun’s weakened ray’s. Low levels of vitamin D reduce the function of beta cells in the pancreas, which are responsible for producing insulin.  This impairs the body’s ability to regulate insulin and increases the risk of insulin resistance, prediabetes and diabetes.  People with low levels are 40% more likely to develop diabetes than those with high levels.  This vitamin is also essential for keeping your joint cartilage healthy and strong. Research shows that it can cut your risk of ever developing osteoarthritis by 67%!   You can use a vitamin D in a supplement to deliver the benefits.


Natural Stress Relievers

Everyone experiences stress sometimes. What may stress you may not be stressful to someone else. Stress can even be helpful sometimes (example: to meet a deadline, etc…). On the other hand, chronic stress can build up over time and cause wear and tear on the body weakening the immune system and possible health problems.

There are many options to deal with stress such as: exercise, hobby, gardening, down time with friends/family, pets, music, diet/nutrition, and medicine.

Where most of these options are self explanatory I would like to talk about 2 natural remedies whether you prefer to take in the nutrients by supplement form or dietary, you just can’t go wrong with Vitamin C & B12. Eating the right foods/natural supplements can help your body to deal with stress.

Vitamin C is needed to make serotonin in the brain, which is believed to help prevent depression. Food sources that are rich in vitamin C are sweet bell peppers, kiwi, and artichokes.

Vitamin B12 helps make neurotransmitters to carry messages in brain. It helps boost your mood, energy, and immune system. Food sources that are rich in vitamin B12 are crab, salmon, tuna, and turkey.

It is nearly impossible to avoid stress, but eating a healthy diet can certainly help your body to deal with it!

Here’s To Your Health!


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Diabetes is a disease in which your blood sugar levels are too high.  This is based on the foods you take in.  In a healthy body, a hormone called insulin usually helps to turn blood sugar into energy for your cells. 

However, with type 1 diabetes, the body does not make insulin and type 2 diabetes inhibits the body from making insulin well and the body eventually loses the ability to make it at all.

Over time, too much sugar in the body can cause problems with eyes, kidneys and nerves.  It can also lead to heart disease, stroke, and the need to remove a limb.

You should monitor your blood sugar levels and follow your doctor’s advise.  The following nutrients can help you as well….

Biotin helps to digest fats & carbohydrates, regulates blood sugar.

Chromium helps insulin move glucose from your blood into cells.

Fiber slows conversion of carbohydrates to glucose to avoid blood sugar spikes.

Magnesium helps prevent insulin resistance.

Omega-3 fatty acids prevent insulin resistance.

Here’s to your health!
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